A Letter For You

Dear Traveler,

Chances are, if you have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet it is because you are a current follower of my Instagram account or are a dear friend. Something that started as a mere pass time for a restless creative undergrad student at the University of Texas at Austin, slowly metamorphosed into a personal objective to pass on personal knowledge to those who need it the most.

By creating this space, and that on Instagram, I wanted to make sure that I made a home for the special few who enjoy reading and learning more, especially those of us that seek solace and guidance in an uncertain world. The topics I identify here, though not always so serious, are things that I truly wish someone else could have illuminated for me. I did not receive the guidance I was particularly hoping for in some of these topics, but if I can facilitate your life just a little more by sharing what I have learned, I will do just that.

Maybe you came here seeking advice, or looking for the answers to questions you didn't even know you had about yourself and how to improve your own world. Maybe curiosity brought you here, but I hope that within the words that will begin to flow through these pages, you are able to understand more about my point of view on life, and even begin to unravel the complexities of your own mind. Though not everything will have the same amount of depth, both on a spiritual and psychological level, I can promise you this:

Here, you will laugh, cry, smile, rage in anger, and even find yourself dumbfounded with new insight. This is not a threat, but simply a warning for you to prepare yourself to momentarily enter into a world, my world, that will take your mind into a new realm of openness and curiosity. I sincerely hope you have fun discovering more about what makes my world mine.