Curbing Mindless Eating at Your 9 - 5

Curbing Mindless Eating at Your 9 - 5

Holy hell, I am so sorry I have not posted in a while. With the beginning of a new, adult job, studying to retake the LSAT and finding a schedule that facilitates all my fitness needs, I have admittedly left the blog on the back burner. Not to fear! I am slowly starting to find a time that allows me to write a bit.

I have so many things I want to share with you all, and will get to them soon enough. But, because of my recent starting position as desk jockey, there have been more personal and pressing matters pertaining to my diet that have come to my attention. After being at this new job for a bit, I realised that some of the worries and frustrations I experience are not limited to my own experience, but rather that there must be many of you who feel the same way.

Here are a few tips to keep you from mindlessly eating and on track to be the fittest version of you that you can be.


If you are a full time worker, such as myself, chances are, you will eat on the job. SHOCKER! I know. Apparently humans have to consume food on a pretty regular basis to stay alive, this includes office hours. However, this does not mean that you automatically have to succumb to your/your neighbour’s snack drawer that is filled with high sodium, high fat, and calorie dense snacks.

I work with an incredibly funny pregnant woman who has cravings; and when she has these cravings, they become EVERYONE’S cravings. I will hear rustling coming from her direction and see wrappers from little Debbie cupcakes, Takis, cereal and so much more. I get so tempted to ask her for some snacks, but ultimately decide not to because I keep in mind that there are better alternatives for my diet.

Here are some alternatives to regular vending machine snacks:

  1. Rice Chips: each bag usually contains only about 70 - 100 calories and comes in both sweet and savoury flavours. (I like the Quaker rice cake bags that come with a variety mix)

  2. Fruit and Veggies: will you get made fun of for eating like a rabbit? Most likely, but at least. you have the ability to eat in larger volumes, i.e. you get to eat MORE food. Who doesn’t love that?

  3. Protein: If you are like me and have a protein count to meet everyday, you can try packing hard boiled eggs, a half of a PB & J sandwich, or even a protein bar. Protein helps keep you satiated for longer periods of time, so when in doubt, protein it out.


This is probably one of the easiest ways to curb hunger. Maybe you are thinking, “But I already drink a lot of water”. I can tell you right now that it probably is not enough. I drink about 75 - 100 oz of water at work alone.

Buy a water bottle (I just use my blender bottle) that marks the ounces of water the bottle can contain. That way, you can keep track of how much you intake on a daily basis.

“But water tastes boring”

Well, let me learn you a thing or two!

Try one of the many liquid water enhancers to add a bit of variety to your water through out the day.

Likewise, you can try adding a few slices of lime/lemon, cucumber and assorted fruits to give a nice, natural flavouring to the water if you believe that liquid water enhances will give you cancer…because, fair enough.

This amount of water should be enough to help keep your stomach full until lunch, when you can go to town on your meal prepped food. ;)


As is, if you drink the amount of water I am suggesting, you will most definitely be getting up to either go to the restroom every twenty minutes or refill your water bottle like I do.

But, if you are at the point to where your bladder has settled down, don’t forget to get up and move!

Take a five minute break and walk to the other side of the office, or even to the copy machine. Do this several times a day. I am constantly running around the office; so much so, that by the time the day is over, I have walked about a mile around the office.

For this reason, I suggest using an application on your phone to track your steps, or if you have one, make sure your FitBit/Apple Watch track it for you!

This way, you will get the blood flowing to your legs, stretch your body to lessen the effects of an uncomfortable chair, as well as lure you away from the tempting snack drawer.

I hope you guys find these quick tips useful! I know they have helped me in my short time at this new job.

As always, much love,


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